On Dusting & Motherhood

On Dusting & The Circles Of Motherhood

I’m not a big fan of dusting, though our home is always tidy. Dusting, to me, seems nearly pointless. It’s an endless circle of cleaning, since 24 hours afterwards it settles back in again. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with people that DO enjoy it (well, maybe a little:) I just deem it unnecessary until the dust is so thick it’s blocking views of something important. Years ago, I had a friend with young kids tell me she felt her days as a stay at home mom were very circular. They revolved around mealtimes, snacks and play times. She made a meal, cleaned, played, and cleaned again. These tasks were repeated throughout the day. Though she was grateful for an opportunity to be home with her children, she longed for the variation and challenge that existed in her corporate job, and for the praise she used to receive there.

There is no question that whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, your days can be circular. As our girls are now older, I find my circles now revolve around (still) mealtimes, carpools and homework. BUT as a teacher and business owner, each day outside of those patterns is different. And no matter how old your babies are, kind of like dust, once one problem or challenge is resolved, another one settles in for you to tackle. I’m not saying there isn’t joy in each day, there definitely is, but challenges are near constant. There is no question that motherhood is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. It is also by far the most important and rewarding thing in my life. My husband and I are tasked with raising these beautiful children, our gifts from God, and shaping them to become kind, healthy, loving, happy adults. At some point in each day, I try to sit with them and listen to what made them happy, and wait to see if anything made them a little unhappy or worried. We take time to talk about these things, and I take time to hug and assure them that their father and I will be there to help them through any hurt, worry or challenge that comes their way. That’s what my parents did in their own way – I always knew they’d support and champion my sister and I through anything. And now, in the circle of life, it’s my turn to do the same.   

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