Awaken Your Inner Child

The other day, our children asked if they could grab a jar and go outside to catch fireflies. When summer arrives, our energy and excitement tend to heighten. Our moods get lighter as the days get longer, we go outside more, eat more ice cream, enjoy concerts and go on vacation. It is the season of FUN. Summer always brings back the best childhood memories, and makes me feel young at heart. 

A philosopher once said, “Unless you become like little children, your chances of happiness and success in life are zero – you haven’t got a prayer.” As we get older and life throws constant challenges our way, we tend to forget the importance of our inner child. We are way too serious too often, we forget to carve out time for fun, and we forget what it was like to be curious, adventurous, creative, and full of faith. These qualities are so strong in kids, but all too often begin to wane as we grow up. If you want to find your true self, try peeling off the years of social conditioning and remember the person you were at the age of 5. 

 Kids are curious creatures. They ask a million questions and are hungry for answers. While this can be exhausting in the midst of a busy day, we have to remember their constant queries are actually a good thing. They are always learning, and don’t want to stop. They strive to attain more, reach new heights, and grow wiser as they grow older. Shouldn’t we still be doing that as adults? There are people that never loose their curiosity and wonder at the world, who continually learn and grow, and these are the people that leave the world a little better off than before they entered it. 

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” -  Walt Streightiff

 Children tend to have blind faith…in a good way. You can tell young kids that you actually hung the moon and they would believe you. Think about all the characters that visit your kids throughout the year – Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny – blind faith. They believe they can achieve anything, and that allows them to explore, be creative and take risks. That kind of faith isn’t always childish. It fact, we could all use a little less skepticism and a little more faith as adults.  And this faith builds trust in the truest form. They trust that things will work out. They “sleep like a baby” because they believe in their parents. They can leave the worries of their day in someone else’s hands. There’s a lesson to be learned from this trust and faith. We are never too old to confide in our inner circle, or leave things out of our control in the hands of God.  It’s ok to lean on the people who truly love you. They want to help resolve your worries and hurts so you can sleep soundly again.

 Last, but certainly not least, children get excited about the smallest things. And there is nothing more magical than seeing your kids excited about something. When was the last time you were so excited you couldn’t sleep? That you were about to explode? It’s ok to seek that feeling whenever you can. Be an old soul with the playfulness and simplicity of a child. Let’s aim to be a little more curious, have a little more faith, increase our trust, and a have a lot more fun!

"If you never did, you should. These things are fun. And fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

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